This website is designed to cater to a variety of people when it comes to credit cards and how to utilize them. I have an ever growing collection of resources to help teach the basics as well as provide comprehensive reviews and posts that even the most veteran credit card holders can appreciate. What I hope helps my website stand out is the underlying theme of achieving credit card nirvana or the steady state of maximizing a very high average of cash back returns on everyday purchases. No two credit cards are the same and many can become incredible tools that will pay dividends over the course of your life. Credit card companies and banks make a large amount of money off of people using credit cards but their users can also share a piece. I hope to guide you so you make your relationship with credit cards symbiotic, not parasitic!

. That is the average cashback rate I have received over the past year on all my credit card purchases. I expect this average to increase to 4% or higher as I continue this journey of mine. Using a portfolio of different credit cards I have achieved credit card nirvana. With this website I hope to share with you the basic strategies I use to maintain this financial state.

Slow and steady. It may not seem like much, but imagine getting 3.5% back on all your purchases each year. Think of all the things you bought in the last year. How much did you spend? $10k, $20k, $30k, more? A 3.5% return would give you $350, $700, $1050 or more each year. Now think of this rate of return over the last five or ten years. Imagine what you could do with those extra thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Depending on your current financial state this process can take some time. For others, it may take less. No matter what, discipline and patience are required when starting out. In the end, your commitment will pay dividends.

Knowledge is power. There is a general sentiment that credit cards are inherently evil and lead to debt and financial ruin. While credit cards can lead to some very difficult situations, you should not fear the unknown. Using credit cards have just as many benefits, if not more, than the downsides most people hear about. By arming yourself with the facts on how there is such a rich variety of credit cards, you can begin your adventure in the world of credit cards. There are so many different paths to take to reach credit card nirvana and each journey will be a microcosm of the traveler. The goal is to not only understand how credit cards work and what is being offered, but also to understand one’s financial self. My website will guide you through this self-reflection.

The journey begins with a single step. Many people’s initial reaction to all of this is that in order to achieve credit card nirvana a person must have to invest a lot of time and research which in the end might not be worth it. This could not be further from the truth. The process is very gradual and requires small spurts of effort before achieving a low maintenance steady state of maximum return. A few simple steps could mean thousands of extra dollars returned to you just by simply using the right credit card for a purchase you would already be making.

I look forward to undertaking this journey with you.

nirvana 02


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