[Review] Plastc Card

At a Glance


For people with a robust credit portfolio, wallet space can be a real issue. You always want to be prepared to max out your cash back potential so carrying all your cards is key. The downside to this is that it can be cumbersome keeping that many cards all in one place. Well the folks at Plastc are attempting to remedy this. Plastc is a smart card that can hold up to 20 different cards with the latest credit card technology built in such as NFC and chip features. This card might be the last card you ever need to carry around.

Product  Plastc 
Rewards None, however all the cards you load to Plastc still retain their rewards when used for purchases
Price $155
Additional Information Currently only available as pre-order (late summer 2015 release)

Holds  up to 20 different credit, gift, and loyalty cards

NFC/RFID and Chip/Pin

E-ink Touchscreen

Wireless charging

Smartphone app support and integration

In-depth Discussion

The Plastc card is not a credit card, but has the ability to store the necessary information for up to 20 different credit, gift, or loyalty cards to use for purchases. With a few simple gestures on Plastc’s E-ink screen you can easily choose what card to use for a purchase instead of digging through your wallet. Once the cards are loaded, theoretically you won’t have to carry all of them around anymore. Plastc is equipped with the latest credit card security features (NFC/RFID and Chip/Pin) so it is already on par with the newest credit cards out there. There is smartphone integration via Plastc’s mobile app that facilitates adding credit cards and setting up additional layers of security such as remote/timed wipe of Plastc if it gets lost or stolen.

Currently Plastc is only available for pre-order and the makers claim it will start shipping late summer 2015.


While the Plastc card looks like it can be a very useful tool, especially for those with many different cards in their credit portfolio, the $155 price is a little steep for the average consumer. With that being said, if $155 is not an issue for your budget, this product has a lot of potential (assuming all the features perform as advertised). Paying via your smartphone through services like Apply Pay or Android Pay are still a little ways off before they will inevitably become the sole standard for credit card purchases. Therefore, Plastc is poised to be the perfect solution to keep your credit portfolio together in one easy place for the next couple years.

Once I receive my Plastc (hopefully in the next couple months) I will update this review with more information and impressions.


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